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Technical Manager of COSMA HPC Cluster at DiRAC/Durham University

We found the Rockport switchless network to be remarkably easy to setup and install.

We look forward to continuing to test on new and larger workloads and expanding the Rockport Switchless Network further into our data center.

Director of TACC

There’s been significant evidence that would suggest that switchless architectures have the capacity to significantly up level performance that traditionally has come at great cost.

CEO at Hyperion Research

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We will review your current network, discuss your requirements and show you how to:

  • Remove congestion and latency from your high-performance networking infrastructure.

  • Build a network that can handle both high-bandwidth and low-latency workloads simultaneously.

  • Significantly reduce the power, space and cabling that your network requires.

  • Improve the TCO of your high-performance clusters by 25-35% through faster workload completion times.