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Rockport is reimagining the next generation of high-performance networks with a switchless architecture that delivers better performance at scale, simplified. Ending decades of unnecessary network complexity, the Rockport Switchless Network replaces centralized switch fabrics with a distributed, highly reliable, high-performance interconnect providing connectivity that is intelligent, adaptable, self-healing, and simple to operate. Rockport is committed to helping its customers Simplify the Network. Learn more at rockportnetworks.com.

About Rockport Networks

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Learn why eliminating switches reduces risks and associated security costs.

Direct Interconnect Network Security: Improving Security in Computing Clusters


 In this white paper, you'll learn about:

  • How switch-based networks offer bad actors multiple attack surfaces to exploit. 
  • By eliminating switches, direct-interconnect networks inherently reduce the number of attack surfaces. 
  • Direct-interconnect networks also lower the cost and complexity of maintaining the assurance of local computing resources.
  • By eliminating risks in the local network, more resources can be dedicated to host security.  

Find out why switchless fabrics are inherently more secure than traditional networks.

Learn how by removing switches, direct-interconnect networks reduce the risk, cost, and administrative burden inherent in spine-and-leaf, switch-based architecture. 


By reducing the attack surface of local area networks by approximately 87%, Rockport reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining the assurance of local computing resources and clusters.