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Meet Rockport at the ISC High Performance Conference

Meet us at the premier event for HPC, ML and Data Analytics May 29 - June 2 in Hamburg

See you at the HPC Conference in Germany


Find Rockport at the event May 30 - June 2. Get a live demo of the Rockport Switchless Network and talk to our experts about some of our excellent customer installations in Europe. 

We're also available for individual meetings during the conference. 

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ISC High Performance 2022 the first in-person ISC conference and exhibition since the start of the pandemic that brings together HPC practitioners, users, and vendors to engage in discussions on technologies that didn’t seem possible a short time ago is fast approaching and Rockport will be there. 

The Rockport Switchless Network is a high-performance direct interconnect designed for the most demanding Machine Learning and AI applications   such as modelling and simulation to improve the speed and efficiency of exploration, extraction and refining.

We couldn't be more excited to be attending in person in Hamburg, and hope to see you there.

Booth hours:

Tuesday, March 1st from 9am - 4pm

Wednesday, March 2nd from 9am - 4pm

All times in CT. You must be registered to attend. 

Visit https://energyhpc.rice.edu/program/ for full conference agenda.



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"Rockport’s architecture is designed to get the switch out of the way to enable improvements in performance, bandwidth and latency. At its core is the Rockport Network Operating System (rNOS), designed to essentially navigate data through the best paths in the network to reduce congestion and latency and break down packets into small pieces called FLITs to more efficiently move down those paths, according to the company." 

- "Startup Rips the Switch Out of High Performance Networks", The Next Platform


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Meet the Rockport team


Michael Smith

Director of Sales Enablement

Tyson Macaulay

Chief Security Officer

Jon Green

Director of Business Development