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Rockport is reimagining the next generation of high-performance networks with a switchless architecture that delivers better performance at scale, simplified. Ending decades of unnecessary network complexity, the Rockport Switchless Network replaces centralized switch fabrics with a distributed, highly reliable, high-performance interconnect providing connectivity that is intelligent, adaptable, self-healing, and simple to operate. Rockport is committed to helping its customers Simplify the Network. Learn more at rockportnetworks.com.

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Learn why modern workloads require a modern architecture.

A new era in networking is here. 

Technology Primer: Rockport Switchless Network


Rockport has re-imagined the network with an embeddable switchless architecture that delivers the performance at scale needed for emerging data centers, ending decades of unnecessary complexity.

In this technology primer, you'll learn about:

  • The core components that make up the Rockport Switchless Network
  • The fundamentals of switchless networking to explain the key concepts of the underlying technology
  • How you can integrate switchless networking into existing data centers and traditional networks